5 Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

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1. Drafts/Leaks:

The number one warning sign to replace your windows are drafts and/or leaks. Leaking windows are usually easy to spot when it rains, but in Arizona we don’t get rain year round! However, there are other ways to tell if your windows aren’t air tight.

For one, if you can feel a breeze, even when your windows are closed, it is definitely time for a replacement!  While it is true that even a high quality window allows a slight amount of air infiltration, you should never actually notice it or be able to feel it.

Do you find yourself reaching for a sweater or blanket while you’re relaxing at home? If so, your comfort is being affected by your old windows! Windows wear out over time and begin to let more air in. Wood and vinyl windows, especially in the desert, can become warped from exposure to moisture and harsh heat which can create gaps or even make the window too tight to function properly.

fiberglass-strand replace windows doors plumFiberglass windows are designed to withstand extreme cold and heat so that they will never warp or contract, thus minimizing the stress on seals, caulks and joints. Fiberglass Windows have a higher efficiency because of the tight seals that are resistant to air leakage and water penetration.

Another example of air infiltration can be found when the corners of the sash and frame become loose; this creates gaps that allow air to penetrate your window. This situation occurs frequently because wood and vinyl frames both expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate.  

Your first instinct might be to apply weather stripping. This is understandable but keep in mind, noticeable drafts often indicate an air leak caused by more than missing or damaged weather stripping. Replacing your weather stripping is only a temporary fix. This is because, sealants expand and contract, which will eventually lead to gaps again!


One more sign that your windows aren’t airtight would be the presence of a high volume of dust in your home. When air gaps occur dust flies in, compromising the air we breathe and often irritating allergies. If you’ve been paying attention you already know the best solution for dusty drafts is replacing your windows entirely.

2. They’re Stuck:  

If you’re having issues with opening and closing your windows, now is the time to replace them. This is particularly true when it comes to older single or double-hung windows. Some common issues you may find are warping, twisting, balance or even rotting wood! When your window won’t stay open or slams shut, it means the balance has failed.  If you value the use of your fingers, it’s time to think about replacing those windows.

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The window industry has many new innovations in material, structure, styles and energy efficiency. Wood, metal, and vinyl windows are prone to operating failures. For example, metal, vinyl and wood windows that haven’t been painted properly, or have been exposed to extreme weather conditions, can rot or rust. When the frame fails or the integrity of the window is compromised, moisture may seep through, even when the seal appears to be tight. Moisture is often hiding in the dark damp walls breeding mold and mildew and causing wood to rot.

The solution is simple, Fiberglass windows.  Fiberglass framed windows are the most reliable and durable window for extreme climates, such as ours. The lower expansion and contraction rates of fiberglass means less glass seal failure as well as less frame failure. Fiberglass features the lowest energy consumption in production when compared to other common window frame materials, plus it provides the longest life expectancy. Experts recognize Fiberglass as the most environmentally friendly window system, because of these features.

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3. Energy-efficiency:

Energy efficient home improvements can benefit you in a number of ways! There are often Tax Credits available for upgrading to new fiberglass windows and/or new fiberglass doors.

By increasing the energy efficiency of your home you can significantly lower the cost of your monthly utility bills. When using your air conditioning in the summer, you’re basically throwing money out your old windows and doors if you haven’t upgraded! You probably remember your parents telling you to close the door when the heat is on in the winter, because they didn’t want to, “heat the whole neighborhood.”! Well, just closing your windows and doors isn’t enough if you haven’t replaced them with energy efficient fiberglass windows and doors!

4. Functionality:

The return on investment is ranked high for window replacement, among home improvement projects, according to Re-modeler Magazine. Windows are the eyes of the home, the first things we notice when we walk into a room are the view, the lighting and the temperature.  

The most energy efficient window on the market today is Fiberglass, because they’re able to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the structural integrity. When properly placed, windows and doors can open up your home, expanding your living space and offering a higher functioning home.

5. Aesthetics:

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Does your home’s appearance only appeal to you or does it pass the universal litmus test for beauty? Personal style choices are important when choosing a home-improvement project but it is equally important to consider if, in a few years time, the new look will be outdated or if it has a broader appeal.

Fiberglass windows and doors are virtually maintenance free and will retain their beauty, standing the test of time. Fiberglass offers the warmth and charm of real wood windows combined with the strength and durability to last a lifetime. Now available in a variety of different styles, replacing your old windows and doors with Plum Fiberglass products is a natural choice.  Not only are our Fiberglass windows and doors aesthetically beautiful, but replacing your windows offers a high return on your investment!