Care and Maintenance

Annual  Window Maintenance Schedule

Energy-efficient windows can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Improving window performance in your home involves design, selection, installation and proper care and maintenance.

Windows Do’s

Window Tracks

  1. Quarterly clean tracks with a vacuum.
  2. Make sure they are clear debris.
  3. Clean tracks with damp cloth. Use dish detergent for tough buildup.          

Weather Stripping                            

  1. Inspect Weather stripping and replace as needed. Weather strip is a resilient material designed to act as a barrier in the space between the sash and frame to reduce air and water infiltration. Make sure it is still effective.


  1. Check caulking for signs of weather, like cracking and pulling away from the frame.
  2. Trim off any old, loose caulking and seal any gaps with a good quality caulk.  

Window Panes

  1. Check for cracks and chips in vinyl windows.
  2. Check for signs of seal failure. Condensation or frost build up. Increased ambient noise may indicate seal failure.
  3. Examine the window’s interior and exterior finish. Occasional repair to a damaged finish may be necessary.
  4. Recommendation: Replace with Marvin Fiberglass Infinity.   

Living Room WindowsScreens

  1. Use mild soap, water and a soft brush. When finished, rinse with warm water


  1. Check that all hardware (locks, opening mechanisms, etc.) operates smoothly.
  2. Make sure any exposed hardware screws are tightened securely necessary.

Window Frames

  1. Damaged or warped.
  2. Recommendation: Replace with Marvin Fiberglass Infinity.

Energy Efficiency

  1. When you touch the window glass during the summer it is hot to the touch.
  2. Drafty.
  3. When you touch the window glass during the winter it is cold to the touch.
  4. Increase in your heating and cooling bills.
  5. Recommendation: Replace with Marvin Fiberglass Infinity.


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*When performing care and maintenance, always consider your safety first: Use caution on ladders, and always wear protective eyewear and clothing. When working with primers, paints, stains, cleaning solutions, etc., follow all recommended safety precautions and dispose of these materials according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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