A Door Is Only As Good As Its Frame®

Plum’s fiberglass door frames provide outstanding protection, quality and durability that make it a great match with any door panel…and a perfect match with a fiberglass door panel.

Low Maintenance

A fiberglass door frame from Plum is virtually maintenance-free unlike wood door frames which attract insects and require time-consuming maintenance to keep them from rotting. All frames are pre-finished with Plum’s tough Durion® acrylic finish.  It’s harder and thicker than other finishes and resists chalking, fading, marring or scratching, so no matter what Mother Nature throws at it’s homeowners, a Plum homeowner gets a low maintenance finish that lasts.

Energy Efficient

Plum’s fiberglass door frames are built to withstand extreme weather conditions without expanding, contracting or shifting like vinyl, aluminum or wood. Less frame movement means a tighter seal and fewer air gaps. Pair that with its naturally insulating qualities and you have a cost effective energy efficient door frame system.