Plum: What’s in a name?

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Plum; a purple fruit, a color, but also, something more.   Here in Arizona Plum is a fiberglass window and door company.  But why name a company Plum? This was the question on the top of mind when I joined the Plum Team, yet for some reason, I never asked.  I figured, like many companies with unique names such as Geico, Pepsi, or Kmart, the name was probably an acronym or had some obscure meaning. After working at Plum and observing the culture of the company for a couple of weeks, the reason for the name became apparent, to me.

Plumb Perfect!

In building and construction, there is a simple tool called a plumb.  A Plumb is used to ensure that a vertical line is achieved.  When building a doorway, for example, a builder would use a plumb to make sure it is vertically straight. But there is more than just the simple idea that it means something is straight. In this industry to say something is plumb is to say that is it precise or perfect. The door or wall is plumb, meaning it is perfect and therefore the rest of the building can be built off its perfection.

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Commitment to Excellence!

So, what does this mean?  Well, to me it means there is a commitment to excellence in the work we do.  You cannot name a company, which specializes in window and door replacements, a name that is synonymous with perfection if the work you do is not at that same level.  I am pleased to be able to say; Plum lives up to its name, and we are very well known for our impeccable installations. In fact, our installation team is often the most reviewed part of our company and consistently receives the most compliments.


Plum Windows and Doors strives for that same perfection in everything we do, from the way we interact with our employees to how we engage with our community.  Our team members receive one on one training and clear expectations of their duties. Our leaders have an open-door policy, ideas and suggestions for improvement are encouraged and implemented where applicable.  We cultivate a team atmosphere which allows us to avoid the complications of ego or pride when working toward our goals.  With so many passionate people working so diligently, frustration and friction aren’t unheard of, but I’ve never seen anyone treated without respect and dignity.


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People Love Us More!

It is worth noting that Plum does have another meaning, an acronym which was coined by our team members. This meaning has, in fact, become our tagline and even carried over into our jingle; People Love Us More at Plum Windows and Doors!

Plum Windows and Doors recently won the award for Pima County Small Business of the Year for 2016.  We were also a finalist for the Better Business Bureau Torch Awards and are nominated again for 2017.  These awards tell me that this is a company who wants to do and be better.  Not just better than their competition, but better than themselves.  Mediocre is simply not an option; we set the bar high by expecting the best from our team members and in leading by example.



Our team’s efforts do not go unrewarded, of course.  In the spirit of collaboration and to encourage our team to put their absolute best foot forward, we recently switched over to a profit sharing bonus structure. Instead of personal rewards for appointments and sales, the whole company participates in profit sharing; the better the company does, the better bonus everyone receives.  Making the bonus structure about teamwork has helped us to boost morale and maintain the cooperative nature of our team at Plum.

So, what’s in a name?  In short, everything!

When you think Plum, think Perfect and when you think perfect, think Plum Windows and Doors.



Adam Ward – Director of Marketing at Plum Windows & Doors, Inc. – [email protected]