Skylights in every room


Choose No Leak/Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights for the ultimate in natural light and fresh air without compromising privacy.

Use the remote control to open the skylight when you shower to release moist, warm air and prevent mildew accumulation. It’s better than any bathroom fan because it doesn’t require electricity to open. A rain sensor closes the skylight at the first sign of rain.


With skylights, you can use the wall space in your kitchen to add cabinet space without sacrificing natural light. Choose “Fresh Air” skylights so you can release warm moist air and clear cooking odors from your home. Light from above also provides balanced kitchen lighting for delicate cooking tasks like chopping and peeling.


Choose skylights with blinds for total control over the light in your bedroom. Skylights provide plentiful daylight without sacrificing privacy. And with blackout blinds, you can block the light – 98% to be exact – if you have a swing shift sleeper in your home. Imagine drifting off to sleep with a view of the stars.


Choose roof windows or manual “Fresh Air” skylights for rooms where the skylight will be within arm’s reach. Transform your bonus room from windowless storage to a home office or children’s playroom with the addition of daylight. In addition to providing daylight and fresh air, roof windows qualify under building codes as a point of emergency escape and egress.


Choose skylights with blinds for full control over the light. Raise the blinds for full lighting to help save on your electricity bill; lower blinds for diffused light while watching television. Select Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights that open for natural cooling that doesn’t use electricity.


If you don’t need a view, but want natural light, choose Sun Tunnel skylights that funnel daylight through a reflective tunnel to the room below.