Why Fiberglass?

Traditional window materials, such as wood, vinyl and aluminum, can warp, crack, rot, expand, melt and shrink. Fiberglass will not. Plum fiberglass windows and doors are setting new standards for the industry because they outperform all other window products.

Versatility and Freedom of Design

Fiberglass can be fabricated into almost any shape or design. There are few restrictions on color, finish, shape, or size. This offers many opportunities to architects to allow their creativity to flow. If you can imagine it, we can most likely fabricate it out of fiberglass. The finished product will be lighter, stronger, lower maintenance and, in most cases, less costly than manufacturing the same product out of alternate materials.

Affordability and Cost Effectiveness

Fiberglass is very affordable and cost effective solution for almost any window and door application. The non-corrosiveness and durability of fiberglass results in lower costs for maintenance.

Strength and Durability

Fiberglass is an attractive, lightweight, and durable material. Fiberglass has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios available for window & door fabrication. Pound-for-pound, fiberglass is stronger than aluminum, wood, plastic, or vinyl. Manufacturing windows & doors from fiberglass builds strength directly into a finished product.Ease of installation

Since Plum Window Frames are made of fiberglass which won’t warp or bend, they remain square, level & plumb, which makes installation and clean up a breeze.

Plum Fiberglass


-Verses –


Low Quality Vinyl

Smooth operation

No stress on hardware mechanisms and guaranteed prolonged life expectancy.


Weather-stripping will engage positively around the entire perimeter for air & water tightness.

Long life

Fiberglass is highly resistant to environmental extremes, unlike aluminum which conducts heat and cold, raising your energy bills, and unlike vinyl which melts in heat and cracks in cold, warping your windows. Fiberglass does not rust and is highly resistant to corrosion. In fact, the non-corrosive properties of fiberglass give it a much longer life expectancy than metal, wood, and reinforced plastics. When exposed to extreme temperatures, salty or humid air, sun (ultraviolet light), or acidic chemicals, fiberglass, will last longer and perform better than all available alternatives.


This is not your father’s fiberglass. Today, fiberglass can be gel coated with a wide variety of colors and textures to achieve just about any desired look and feel. Fiberglass can be finished in flat, semi-gloss, or high gloss. Although fiberglass can still be painted, the available options for colors and textures virtually eliminate the need for after-production painting. Using fiberglass for your windows & doors definitely improves your home’s aesthetics when compared to the rigid, boxy look of alternatives such as aluminum, wood or the cheap and flimsy look of plastic and vinyl.

view_through_vinylView through Vinyl view_through_plumView through Plum


Special Properties of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is dielectric. This means that it is non-conductive. This makes fiberglass ideal for applications where extreme temperatures are prevalent.

Fiberglass is chemically inert. This means that it will not react chemically with other substances with which it may come into contact. This can prevent problems that arise with other metallic or petroleum based materials.

Fiberglass also has superior and more desirable acoustic qualities than plastic or metal. Under similar conditions fiberglass vibrates less and will remain quieter than all other window and door alternatives. This can reduce the overall volume of noise from the outside.
Fiberglass is structurally stable. Fiberglass exhibits the least amount of expansion and contraction with heat and cold compared to plastic, metal, or wood. This means that your windows & doors will hold their shape better under severe environmental stresses and save you money on your utility bills.

Pultruded polyurethane fiberglass used in Plum windows and doors differs from common fiberglass used in pools, boats, and storage tanks. Continuous strands of glass are saturated in a thermo-set resin, and pass through a 450° heated die. Instead of being pushed or extruded, they are pulled through the die, hence the term pultrusion.

Fiberglass is 10 x Stronger than vinyl!

Don’t worry. Plum’s fiberglass can take whatever mother nature can dish out because it’s pultruded fiberglass, a material used in products where strength and durability are required. In fact, it’s such a solid, long lasting material that it’s trusted for use in bridge construction.

With Plum fiberglass windows and doors, you can expect:

  • Savings in heating/cooling/energy costs over other window frame materials.
  • A reduction in moisture & condensation, thereby saving costly & preventable damage to wall masonry/wallpaper.
  • No need for thermal breaks, keeping the frame’s rigidity & integrity.
  • High resistance to sound transmission, reducing exterior noise to a minimum.
  • Comfort with a more consistent room temperature in large window areas.
  • Consistent contact of weather-strip and positive seal against frame & sash, to keep air, water and dust out & energy in.
  • Uniform movement of glass & frame, thereby reducing likelihood of unit failure and caulking cracks.
  • Lack of brittleness or deterioration of surface finish, prolonging longevity and everlasting beauty.
  • Consistently smooth operation throughout the lifetime of the window.
  • Lack of stress on thermo panes, increasing life expectancy & preventing premature failure.
  • Lack of stress on the hardware, increasing life expectancy & reducing wear and tear.
  • Continuously smooth operation.
  • Consistent weather-strip compression along the lengths of window frames and sash, to secure a proper seal.
  • Frame & sash corners will not separate or crack.
  • No sash sagging or mullion deflection.
  • No need for metal reinforcement, which would diminish energy efficiency.
  • Slimmer frames and mullions, thereby increasing glass to frame ratio, which in turn maximizes sunlight & viewing area.
  • No bowing or breakage of large glass panels in high wind load areas.