Advantages of Plum Fiberglass Doors

  • virtually maintenance free, never needs paint
  • fade resistant
  • longevity
  • durability
  • no insect problems
  • resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture
  • will not warp, rot or corrode
  • will not transfer heat/cold

Style and Design

      • Our woodgrain technologies make doors virtually impossible to tell from real wood.
      • A wide range of services from smooth paintable to stainable grains.


      • Optional adjustable security strike plate resists 450 lbs. of force.
      • Optional multipoint locking system available for enhanced security.

Why Composite Sills?

With the Plum Series Sill you’ll get the best combination of performance and value. These technologically advanced sills are made up of all-composite substrates and synthetic caps and nosing.


Plum Series Composite Sill                                       Wood sills deteriorate over time

These integrated materials prevent the sill from rotting, warping, or deteriorating over time.

  • A variety of sizes and styles
  • Will not rot, warp or deteriorate like traditional wood sills
  • guaranteed for life resisting rot and insect damage
  • Keeps water out

Style and Design

    • Modular Design allowing for either inswing or outswing configuration.
    • Plum Series Outswing Sills offer ultimate protection in high exposure areas and severe weather conditions
    • Variety of styles from oak, vinyl and aluminum.
    • ADA compliant.

What is an Astragal?

An Astragal is a molding that closes the clearance gap between a pair of doors.  With Plum Series Door Astragals, you never have to worry about poor performance or security from your french doors again.  A Plum Series Astragal is vital to the success and performance of your french door system.


Plum Series  Astragal offers a patented three-point sealing system eliminating water and air infiltration.  The astragal utilizes a retractable boot that will not fall off after continued use.  The boot lifts up with the flush bolt to clear the threshold when the door is opened and is secured in place when the door is closed to provide a lasting seal.  Our astragals stand up to their reputation and deliver unmatched performance.

Key Features

  •   Multi-Point Locking System and Plum Series Astragal, all in one
  •   Prevents Deflection
  •   Secures the Performance of the door system
  •   Cost effective
  •   Ease of Installation
  •   Works with most hardware – operates off of standard deadbolt
  •   Has the patented Flip Lever – Enhanced Accessibility
  •   Available in multiple finishes; White, Bronze, Mill as well as all veneer varieties
  •   Fits all door panels with wood edge

Warranty Information

Plum Entry Doors are backed by an unprecedented lifetime non-prorated guaranty. And it’s transferable to the next homeowner, helping you protect and increase your home’s resale value.

How it Works


Multi-point Astragal

The flip lever activates both flush bolts and the floating boot at the same time. Engaging the deadbolt activates both lock pawls into keepers.  Secure Performance Standard.


Activate Flip Lever, Engage Floating Boot

Operate Flip-Lever to engage both flush bolts and patented Floating Boot at once.

Patented spring loaded Floating Boot finds the lowest point on the sill that maintains a perfect seal at all times.


Engage Deadbolt, activate Multi-Point Lock

Engaging the deadbolt compresses the lock actuator to activate the patented locking system

Upper and lower multi-point lock pawls are captured by keepers in the active door panel.

Color Options

Finishes available in white, bronze.



 Plum Door Astragal Video