Energy efficient fiberglass windows

Why is fiberglass superior to wood, steel, and vinyl? No matter what the shape or style, whether you’re outside looking in, or inside looking out, you can clearly see the Plum difference. It begins with fiberglass….

Traditional window manufacturers use wood, vinyl and aluminum frames–all prone to warping, rotting, and cracking. With Plum windows, there’s no warping, rotting or cracking because Plum window frames are crafted with pultruded fiberglass, the most durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly material you can buy.

The exacting fabrication methods used exclusively by Plum Windows and Doors top the list for strength, durability, UV protection and lasting beauty.

Advantages of fiberglass window replacement

  • We’ve Got the Right Angle. Because our windows remain square, level and plumb, they are easy to install, producing a tight fit right from the start.
  • Higher Resistance, Lower Costs. Fiberglass defends against heat and cold better than its predecessors, saving you big money on your energy bill.
  • H2Out. Our weather-stripping engages positively around the entire perimeter for air and water tightness.
  • Pest-Proof. Unlike some conventional window-frame materials, fiberglass is impervious to termites and other pests.
  • Smooth Operator. Less stress on the hardware makes for consistently smooth operation throughout the lifetime of your windows.